Could Dublin win their fifth GAA All-Ireland final or will the most successful team in GAA history, Kerry, revel in the underdog role and overcome? 

On Sunday, September 1 the reigning champions of GAA football, Dublin, will gear up to tackle the most successful team in history, Kerry, who have won 37 titles to date. 

It seems that despite the fact that Dublin could be heading toward its fifth GAA All-Ireland win in a row Kerry could most definitely put up a fight.

Kerry fought from four down at the break during the semi-finals to win 1-18 0-18 over Tyrone while Dublin overturned a two-point deficit to win against Mayo in the semis by 10 points.

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Speaking to the RTE 2FM radio show Game On, former Donegal GAA star Brendan Devenney said "The four teams at the weekend all played for a half each. In Mayo's half they scored eight points, Tyrone scored nine, Kerry hit 1-13 and Dublin had 3-8."

"It comes back to having quality forwards. Mayo and Tyrone just do not have them and cannot rack up enough scores when they’re on top. But when Kerry and Dublin get on top of you they can hit the goals and the points.

"That’s why Kerry are one of the few teams you think could possibly give Dublin a game. They've definitely got the quality forwards, they're definitely tactically aware.

"Certainly going forward but you worry about them at the back, they are too wide open.

"If Dublin get into that run they got against Mayo in the second half, God help them."

However, two-time All-Ireland winner Bernard Flynn believes that Kerry will keep Dublin on the ropes.

He said "Paul Mannion (0-05) and Con O'Callaghan (2-00) are the best two inside-forwards, collectively, in the game. You have to stop those two.

"The Mayo forwards are not on the same level. The Kerry forwards are, absolutely.

"The goal that Kerry conjured up, Geaney’s play for that was as good as anything Dublin did the day before.

"Clifford's five points, four from play, Stephen O’Brien (1-02) is as good as any Dublin player at the moment.

The Meath player says that the underdog role will suit The Kingdom's team. 

"I don't know what Kerry are going to come up with defensively. Donie Buckley's job now is to get them ready for the final. They have three weeks to work on it.

"They won't be as bad - the one thing about Kerry is that they always learn.

"Nobody is going to give them a prayer, what a way for Peter Keane and the Kerry boys to go in, as complete and utter underdogs.

"They will be a lot better and a lot harder to beat than Mayo but they will have to raise it by 40-50%."

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