A Ryanair flight attendant had a moment to remember when her boyfriend proposed to her at Dublin Airport in front of a cheering crowd. 

The Ryanair flight attendant was walking through the arrival gates of Dublin Airport on Saturday night, May 27, when she was greeted by her boyfriend holding a bouquet of pink flowers.

In the video circulating on Twitter, her boyfriend then surprises her by getting down on one knee and proposing while piano music plays in the background and crowds of smiling onlookers watch on.

The blushing flight attendant stands back in shock before giving a joyful "yes" while wiping away tears.

One eagle-eyed viewer humoursly noted on Twitter that the proposal took place "As @MrTaytoIreland looks on," to which Dublin Airport cheekily replied: "He’s was making sure everything was Hunky Dory."

Love was well and truly in the air in Dublin Airport last night as this Ryanair air hostess was surprised in T1 arrivals by her boyfriend… (much to the excitement of the others waiting!) 💍

Congratulations to the very happy couple. 💕 pic.twitter.com/yKB4I9Asl2

— Dublin Airport (@DublinAirport) May 28, 2023

The now-viral video was originally posted on Twitter by bystander Vincent Hughes who sweetly wrote: "There is still romance in Ireland despite all that is going on. Dublin Airport tonight. What a lovely thing to do."

His video was then shared by Dublin Airport on Twitter and has since amassed more than 1.5 million views.

Hughes, a radio presenter and producer based in Dublin, told PA news agency he had been in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport waiting for his son, who was coming in from Spain, when the proposal happened.

He said: “I had been listening to a guy playing the piano.

“His friend was holding a big bunch of flowers and was nervously watching the board for flight arrivals.

“Then the airport police came and helped him to move the piano nearer to the arrival door and then the wait was on.

“There was quite an audience when she finally came through the door and there were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and tears when she said yes. Brilliant.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!