Michael McLaughlin joins Murphys Boxing

They say patience is a virtue and no an has been more patient than Irish professional boxer, Michael McLaughlin. The Donegal native has spent the last four years in Boston, mastering his craft, waiting for the stars to align, and finally it seems, his time has come.

The native of Inishowen who fights under the alias ‘Donegal Dynamite’ has signed to the Murphy’s Boxing USA stable which was co-founded by well known musician, Ken Casey. Considered to be one of the state’s top promoters, Murphy’s Boxing USA, is also home to top prospects, Danny O’Connor, Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan and Mark De Luca.

“I am excited about being signed to Murphy’s Boxing as they are the leading promoter in the state,” the southpaw fighter said about his three year contract which was officially confirmed in April.

Adding, “I am delighted that I will be kept busy and I am excited about their plans for me this year.”

Part of those plans may just include a trip home to Ireland to fight at the end of the Summer. Such an opportunity would be a chance for the popular 30-year-old Donegal boxer to show his home fans just how far he has come. He mused, “I have learnt a lot here in America and I have been honing my technique these last couple of years. To go back to Ireland for a fight and showcase those skills off, it would be a big deal for me and my home supporters.”

But first things first, before then, Mc Laughlin who stands at 10(5)-1-1, will debut for Murphys Boxing USA at the Marina Bay Sportsplex on Saturday, June 27. His opponent is Mexican KO master, Roberto Valenzuela, who brings experience to the ring with an incredible fight history of 69(56)- 68(36)-2.

McLaughlin admitted, “I’ve heard he is tough. There is no denying those statistics …. He has a lot of fights under his belt. A lot of losses but also, a lot of wins… and those wins by KO…56 KO’s… there is no doubt I will need to be on my game.”

Coached by Martin Grealish from Connemara, McLaughlin, has been preparing for this important fight with a strict training schedule that has seen him at the Grealish Boxing Club, Dorchester, day and night.

“I am training nearly every day at the gym and getting a lot of sparring practise which is the biggest challenge in the lead up to the fight as I am giving these sessions my all as if they were the real deal,” he said

Further remarking, “Thankfully though everything is going smoothly, my training is on target, my diet has been spot on, I am ready”

The combination of a new contract, opportunities to move up the ranks and a chance to fight on home turf has given McLaughlin a steely focus for this upcoming fight.

“ I just want to get into the ring and beat this guy up,” he said

Confidently, McLaughlin added, “Mark my words….I will be bringing my A game this Saturday ( June 27 ).”

After that, with a bit of Boston Irish luck, the welterweight boxer will finally be able to bring his A game home to Ireland.

Tickets can be purchased at murphysboxing.com or call Michael 857 615 3191