Many of us have close links to Ireland, the Emerald Isle, sitting of the north coast of Europe, a green jewel in the mighty Atlantic Ocean.  This island of myths and legends, Saints and scholars captures our imagination. The Emerald Isle has long been famed for her lush green fields and dense, magical forests.  However, times have changed and now less than 1% of the island is covered in Irish native woodland! A local Irish Heritage and Ecology expert, and close friend of Emerald Heritage explains: “The ancient Gaelic Brehon Laws, now recognized as probably the oldest known European example of a sophisticated legal system. The Brehon law survived relatively intact right through the Early Christian period and on to the arrival of the Normans. The waves of conquest and forced settlement that followed meant that this legal system’s days were numbered, although it did survive in part right up to the 17th century.”

“Gaelic Ireland had Ancient Tree Laws this protected many of the Irish woodlands. However, waves of conquest and forced settlement meant that this legal system’s days were numbered.”

“By the 17th century the last of the mighty forests of Oak and Elm were gone”.   

“By the dawn of the 18th century, Ireland was bare.  Habitat loss and ongoing persecution led to the extinction of many native Irish species.  Wolf and Capercaillie (two species of Eagle) and many more iconic species are now either gone, or will soon disappear”.

“When Ireland lost her cloak of green, it came a multitude of other problems including the rise of carbon emissions, desolate landscapes, flooding and the destruction of important natural habitats, leading to the rapid decline and extinction of native species and wildlife”.

“Restoring Irish native woodlands is for the benefit of all.  It stores for people, for wildlife, for sustainable business and for beauty.  We owe it to our Irish ancestors and we have no right to leave this mess to our future generations”. 

Emerald Heritage created a unique solution

Lyn Nelson, Director states, “Our country is crying out, and we are running out of time.  Emerald Heritage was developed, in response to the crisis and the need to raise much needed funds to purchase Irish land to conserve and restore.  Profits are to re-invest into purchasing more land to save and protect

“We don’t want to rely on Governments grants or donations, if we Irish see something that needs to be done, we just do it!”   

“Now, is the time for the Irish community to stand together. Come and join our worldwide community, and help us win this fight to restore our precious land”. 

The gift of Ireland

Emerald Heritage offers little plots of ‘freehold land’ in Ireland for those wishing to gift something a little different, and a little more Irish, this Christmas. From 1 to 4 and 9 square foot plots this is a perfect way to connect with Emerald Isle.  If your people hail from this island or you just wish to make a unique gesture, what better way to say Happy Christmas than purchasing your own piece of Ireland.  We have a saying here in Ireland “A stranger is but a friend that you haven’t yet met”.  What better way to celebrate the holidays than to purchase the one you care for a little piece of the warmth and friendship of Ireland.  Emerald Heritage invites you to own you own magical piece of Ireland of the Welcomes.   

A gift to your loved one and a gift to Ireland

Ireland is a stunningly beautiful place.  Its reputation as the Emerald Isle is how many of us know her.  Every plot of Emerald Heritage land sold is saved from development and even better, the land you purchase will form part of a reforestation project that will see native trees replanted.  New owners, if they so wish, are invited to plant a native Irish tree themselves.

Your plot of land rests on the slopes of the stunning Green Glens of Antrim, just a short distance from the world-famous Giants Causeway where the Giants of Irelands of Irish mythology live.  This stunning coastline has something for everyone, its rugged landscapes ring with the sound of traditional Irish music.  From dramatic mountains, lush sheep grazed valleys, welcoming firesides and even some of the best golf courses in the world! Ireland has much to offer you.    This small piece of your own Irish land invites you connects you to your other home – ‘Your own corner in Ireland of the welcomes’

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About Emerald Heritage

Emerald Heritage was formed by true Irish folk who are concerned about the possible development of this historical area. They decided to purchase the land to ensure that it was permanently protected and preserved with its natural habitats, wild plants and animal species and offer others the opportunity to invest in the future of the area by acquiring souvenir plots. We are building the largest worldwide community of Irish landowners, who are creating a legacy for future generations!  Why not come and join the Emerald Heritage family?


Rebecca C. Sellers South Carolina:  USA after receiving her plot as a surprise gift from her husband said: “Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. said, “Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”  Having been to Northern Ireland numerous times, I can truly say that every time I leave, a piece of my heart stays there.  Imagine my surprise and delight when my husband presented me with a certificate of land ownership in beautiful Northern Ireland!   Owning my own 3×3 plot of land in the most beautiful place in the world is truly a dream come true!  The purchasing process was quick, easy, and secure.  A week later, a beautiful folder of information arrived, with a photo of the property, a certificate of ownership, and land coordinates so that I can visit the property anytime that I want!  What a wonderful idea for conservation, and knowing that I can leave it for my son and his family to enjoy someday means more than you know.   Thank you so much!  I look forward to purchasing another piece soon.”

George Mc Cullough Co.Antrim, N Ireland:  "I read an article about Emerald Heritage in The Belfast Telegraph and as I was about to visit friends in South Africa I thought it would make a fantastic gift for friends or family away from home. I gave it to my friend and he was over the moon when he saw the map and the grid reference to his piece of land. Well worth the money even if having a friend who is now a ”Squire” takes a bit of getting used to. I was very surprised at how much he enjoyed this gift and would recommend it highly."

“The protection and enhancement of the Irish landscape is the primary goal of Emerald Heritage.”