Boston Shamrocks 0-5 Tír na nÓg 3-17

A cool and damp Saturday afternoon saw Tír na nÓg make it four out of four with a comprehensive win over the Boston Shamrocks. The sluggish Shamrocks never got off the starting blocks, while their opponents put on a display of complete dominance. At the break it was a 13 point advantage, that had turned into 21 by the final whistle.

The first half saw Tír na nÓg tally 13 points at one end, and prevent the Shamrocks from scoring at the other. The one consolation that the Shamrocks could take comfort from was that their opponents did not score a goal. The Shamrocks full back line was under tremendous pressure and held out well. Full back Deirdre Kearney's anticipation resulted in a number of timely interceptions to interrupt threatening Tír na nÓg's attacks. Jenny Byrne, Shauna Jackson, Lisa Leonard, and Tessa Mullen popped over the scores as traffic was mainly in one direction. For their part, the Shamrocks, had a handful of opportunities to score, but could not avail of any of them as the Tír na n"Og back line was in lock down mode.

The second half was brighter for the Shamrocks at the front end. Shannon Kelly did her best to lift her side and turn the tide of the game. Linda Cronin, Kelly, and Clodagh McGovern managed to tally scores for their side. The Shamrocks won a penalty early in the half, and Sheila McLaughlin's shot was well saved by Niamh Hynes. At the other end Tír na nÓg made the breakthrough to goal, netting 3 times. A Byrne penalty was followed by two Caroline Nee goals to bury the Shamrocks and guarantee Tír an nÓg a place in the final.

Shamrocks: N. Donovan, B. McGuire, D. Kearney, L. Larkin, E. King, B. Devlin, S. Kelly, S. McLaughlin, S. Woods, M. Cotterall, L. Cronin, D. Hallahan, C. Byrne, L. McCrystal, C. McGovern. Tír na nÓg: N. Hynes, N. O'Neill, E. Healy, A. Potts, L. Bergin, A. Taylor, N. Daly, J. Moore, C. O'Connor, T. Mullen, C. Nee, L. Leonard, C. Hanley, J. Byrne, S. Jackson.