The Irish Emigrant recently covered Beara Irish Brew Co which is ‘brewery in planning’ in New Hampshire. The company is hoping to raise $30,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to expand their brewery.

With Kickstarter, its all or nothing - you pledge an amount but your card does not get charged unless the company’s goal of $30,000 is reached.

In return for a donation to the campaign, you will receive a gift in return based on the amount you pledge. The most popular gift amongst those who have backed the campaign so far has been the Beara Irish Brew beer glass which you can get with a $25 pledge. For $100 you get an invite for you and a guest to the company’s Pre-Grand opening event with food and live music, and of course, a taste of some of the delicious Beara Irish Brew Co beers currently available.

The Beara Irish Brew Co is run by Michael Potorti and his wife Louise who hails from Bere Island just off the Beara peninsula in Co. Cork. On the couple’s many vacations back to Louise's home over the years, they were impressed by the quality of local dairy produce and in particular, the grain products. They came up with the idea of making their own beer back in New Hampshire, using Irish Barley from Beara. And thus, the Beara Irish Brew Company was born.

The Kickstarter campaign began earlier this summer and is now closer to ending as all pledges need to be received by August 16. At time of writing, the company is edging toward the $12,000 mark. To find out more or to pledge to the Beara Brew Co KickStarter campaign, you can visit the Beara Irish Brewery website