If Molly Malone were to gather her wares this week and wheel her way through the broad and narrow streets of the capital city, a glorious sight would meet her eyes.

The navy-and-blue hangs proudly from houses, shop fronts and lampposts as the citizens of Dublin look forward to All-Ireland Football Final Sunday, showing support for their all-conquering heroes who take to Croke Park in search of back-to-back titles, and further proof that this group of Dublin footballers are amongst the greatest to ever play the game.

And confidence is high amongst Dubs fans. Kerry have been put to the sword once more, and all that lies between the Dubs and September glory are poor auld Mayo.

Mayo. Suffering through a drought that rivals that of the Chicago Cubs. The men of 1951 still on that pedestal of the last team to bring Sam Maguire to the county.

Mayo. Seven All-Ireland Final defeats since 1989. In some cases not only defeat, but capitulation.

Mayo. Stumbling through the season and into the coliseum to face the Dublin Lions.

Mayo. Always the hope, but never the glory!

But, and there is always a but, this is Mayo and Dublin. Mayo are the only county in Ireland who would prefer to face Dublin rather than Kerry. They have no fear of the Dubs. Their game is suited to taking on Dublin. Where Kerry failed to meet the Dublin challenge, Mayo look better equipped to do so. Pace on the field and in reserve. Flexibility in selection and positioning. Mobility and scoring threat.

The crippling hope that has blighted Mayo in years past, along with the massive hype, are absent out west in 2016. And that will stand to Mayo. This is a team which came within a whisker of lowering Dublin’s colours in 2015. Only lost by a point in 2013. Beat the Dubs in 2012, and shocked them senseless in 2006 following the pre-game “Battle of Hill 16”.

That 2006 win may be 10 years ago, but the thoughts of that game, and how it unfolded, are burned into the Mayo psyche. The Dublin psyche also, and the build-up to Sunday has more than faint echoes of 2006. Mayo will relish that.

So the Dublin team of all talents face a Mayo side driven by hurt, history and longing. The form book is out the window. Expect a battle royale, with no quarter sought or granted. Bodies on the line with glory and immortality at stake.

Dublin or Mayo. Only one will remain A-live A-live O!

Watch the All-Ireland Football Final between Dublin and Mayo on GAAGO. Throw-in on Sunday is at 10:30AM (Eastern Time) with coverage from RTÉ starting at 09:10AM (Eastern Time). Visit www.gaago.ie for details.