The GAA’s North America continental youth championships which attract 2,500 kids from all over North America playing gaelic games is taking place this weekend in New York.

The Continental Youth Championships (CYC) is an annual weekend tournament of gaelic football and hurling organized by the Gaelic Athletic Association. 

It is contested by teams from the USA and Canada, and is a separate competition from the existing youth championships in the New York, Canadian, and NACB areas. It began in 2004, and its location rotates around various cities from year to year. The age of players ranges from Under 8 to Under 18.

Every year up to 2,500 participants in up to 200 teams have participated in the Tournament with representatives from US Cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Canadian Cities of Toronto and Ottawa. Representative teams from Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, San Diego, and Cleveland have also participated. 

The event is the largest youth Gaelic Games event run outside of Ireland with thousands of spectators drawn to the event over the Tournament Weekend. 

The 2014 CYC is taking place in Randalls Island New York from the 24th -27th of July.