The Gaelic football All Stars are coming to the Irish Cultural Center on Saturday, November 29. The GAA community in Boston and the Northeast will be treated to the showcase game featuring the cream of the crop from Ireland on the main field at the ICC. Not only that, but the local players will get a chance to show their stuff as a Boston select team will meet New York in a match that makes the Red Sox versus Yankees rivalry pale in comparison. The nominations for this year’s All Star team are in. The team and the Player of the Year will be named on Friday, October 24 at the Convention Center in Dublin.

Goalkeepers: Paul Durcan (Donegal), Rory Beggan (Monaghan), Stephen Cluxton (Dublin).

Full backs: Fionn Fitzgerald (Kerry), Keith Higgins (Mayo), Éamonn McGee (Donegal), Neil McGee (Donegal), Andy Mallon (Armagh), Rory O’Carroll (Dublin), Philip McMahon (Dublin), Paul Murphy (Kerry), Drew Wylie (Monaghan).

Half backs: Aidan O’Mahony (Kerry), Peter Crowley (Kerry), James McCarthy (Dublin), Frank McGlynn (Donegal), Dessie Mone (Monaghan), Jonny Cooper (Dublin), Colin O’Riordan (Tipperary), Colm Boyle (Mayo), Lee Keegan (Mayo).

Midfield: Neil Gallagher (Donegal), Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin), Odhrán MacNiallais (Donegal), Anthony Maher (Kerry), David Moran (Kerry), Séamus O’Shea (Mayo).

Half forwards: Johnny Buckley (Kerry), Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin), Paul Flynn (Dublin), Aidan O’Shea (Mayo), Ryan McHugh (Donegal), Michael Murphy (Donegal), Donnchadh Walsh (Kerry), Shane Walsh (Galway), Mark Lynch (Derry).

Full forwards: Kieran Donaghy (Kerry), Paul Geaney (Kerry), Conor McManus (Monaghan), Cillian O’Connor (Mayo), James O’Donoghue (Kerry), Brian Hurley (Cork), Kevin McManamon (Dublin), Tony Kernan (Armagh), Paddy McBrearty (Donegal).

Player of the Year Nominations: James O’Donoghue (Kerry), Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin), Neil McGee (Donegal)