What do you get when you take a bachelor party out of its natural habitat - the pub - and put it into an actual natural habitat? According to Irish director John Butler’s new comedy, “The Stag,” which will headline the Irish slate at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, you get laughs – and drug use, fires and sing-alongs, along with some naked male bonding.

It kind of makes a “hangover” (get it?) sound positively inviting.

“The Stag” stars Hugh O’Connor as Fionnan, a set designer whose stag night will be a camping trip with his buddies. Then his fiancée Ruth (played by Amy Huberman) pleads with him to invite her annoying brother along for the ride. Since her brother is known simply as “The Machine,” it’s little surprise that the trip doesn’t go quite as planned – with hilarious results.

The cast and production team behind “The Stag” -- Butler, and actors Andrew Scott, Peter McDonald, Brian Gleeson, Andrew Bennett, Hugh O’Conor, Michael Legge and Amy Huberman are scheduled to walk the red carpet at the film’s TIFF premiere.

“The Stag” was produced by Treasure Entertainment with support from the Irish Film Board. It is slated for release in Ireland and the U.K. in early 2014.

The other five Irish offerings at this year’s TIFF include:

"Life's a Breeze" (Fastnet Films) – directed, produced & written by Lance Daly; and produced by Macdara Kelleher.

"The F Word" (Fastnet Films) – directed by Michael Dowse; written by Elan Mastai; produced by David Gross, Jesse Shapira, Jeff Arkuss, Andre Rouleau and Macdara Kelleher.

"Stay" (Samson Films) – directed & written by Wiebke von Carolsfeld; produced by Martina Niland, David Collins, Andrew Boutilier, Martin Paul-Hus.

"The Sea" (Samson Films) – directed by Stephen Brown; written by John Banville; produced by Michael Robinson, Luc Roeg, David Collins.

"All is by my Side" (Subotica) – directed & written by John Ridley; produced by Tristan Orpen Lynch, Nigel Thomas, Charlotte Walls, Sean McKittrick and Jeff Cullota.

Here’s the official trailer for “The Stag”: