Wannabe comedian Concy Ryan has hijacked a publicity stunt by the company that bought disgraced banker Sean Fitzpatrick’s Beemer – and crushed the most talked about car in Ireland into the ground.

Ryan outdid the Rubberbandits after paying €3,150 in an online auction for the right to scrap the car owned by the man credited with bringing Anglo Irish Bank and the Celtic Tiger down.

National Recycling Limited had bought Fitzy’s 19-year-old repossessed Beemer at auction to drum up publicity for their business.

They then ran an online campaign to sell the rights to crush the car to disgruntled Anglo shareholders on the weekend of the General Election.

Ryan won the online bid to bash the Beemer – then stung National Recycling with a publicity stunt of his own designed to aid his campaign to stay in RTE’s Storyland competition for wannabe comedians.

The whole whacky event was caught on camera as Ryan came clean on the real reason behind his act of revenge against the Anglo boss.

Ryan even offered a Rubberbandits style storyline to the waiting media when he arrived at the National Recycling plant in West Dublin to officially crush the car.

“I think that credit union Anglo just pure discriminated against everyone in Moyhill because we never got a loan for a horse,” he told the Irish Independent.

Ryan went on to claim that he is the father of 10 children and the owner of 14 horses in the fictional Limerick village of Moyhill.

“Not many people know this, but I sold Mr Fitzpatrick that car about ten years ago and he never paid me for it,” he even claimed to reporters.

“I know this is madness but you have to get some kind of satisfaction, this world is not sensible.”

Disgraced banker Sean FitzPatrick has been arrested in an early morning swoop at his Wicklow home.Google Images