A banned sex tape featuring Irish actor Colin Farrell has been sent to his girlfriend’s family.

The video – which the actor won a court injunction against, stopping it being sold, distributed or displayed in 2005 – shows Colin getting passionate with Playboy model Nicole Narain.

Now, he and Polish girlfriend Alicja Bachleda are reportedly furious with the attempts to shock her family.

A source said: “Colin hoped he’d seen the last of the tape. Him and Alicja are desperate to find out who sent it.”

Alicja’s family are said to be very traditional and were recently said to be putting pressure on the couple to marry before the birth of their son Henry, who they welcomed into the world last month.

A source said: “Alicja's parents in Poland met Colin and liked him a lot. But they are Catholic and very old fashioned.”

Colin –  who also has a six-year-old son James with model Kim Bordenave – has previously said he has “learned his lesson” about letting his raunchy home videos get into the wrong hands.

He said: “I try and stay away from the internet now.

“An expensive 14 minutes that was. It seemed like a good idea at the time, two adults having fun, ‘Ohh a video camera’, you know.

“But at the end of the deposition - because it was all very officious in law office in Los Angeles - the man who was in charge said, ‘You’ve learned your lesson now I hope Mr. Farrell’, and I said, ‘Absolutely – next time I take the tape with me.’ ”