In controversial remarks, CNN travel writer Eva Sandoval, has stated that Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is a disaster area for tourists with “vomit-lined streets and  exposed genitalia."

Her list of best and worst in Ireland
include the parade.

She writes:

Don't.... attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin is a bucket-list goal for many -- too many. Try to be content with simply being in-country for the holiday, unless you like vomit-lined streets, exposed genitalia and sidewalk-to-sidewalk crowds.

She says almost everyone is drunk in Temple Bar.

Don't ... get lit in Temple Bar

Once Dublin's Jewish ghetto, Temple Bar is now home to several bars that drunken tourists in green face paint love to frequent. There are lovely things to see in historic Temple Bar -- for example, the Irish Photography Centre, the Temple Bar Music Centre and the Irish Film Institute -- but save your tour for the daytime, before things get pagan.

Also on her don’t list:

Don't ... call an Irishman (or Irishwoman) British

This goes for the whole of the Republic of Ireland. Want to start a fistfight? Talk about how Dublin is the greatest capital city in the UK; tourist goes down.

She also says authentic Irish music is very hard to find.

Don't ... expect an "authentic" trad music session

These days, catching a trad music session in Dublin is like watching a rodeo in New York City. While you might get some sessions in touristy Temple Bar or at The Duke, you'll have better luck finding spontaneous traditional Irish music out on the West Coast or in the countryside.

On the plus side, she recommends a pint of Guinness, Viking tours, getting outside Dublin and even Irish food.


Spectators enjoys festivities at the 186th consecutive St. Patrick's Day parade in Montreal, Sunday, March 14, 2010. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes)AP