Although Piers Morgan has denied knowing anything about the recent phone hacking scandals, a former Daily Mirror Journalist now claims that the hacking happened while Morgan was the editor of the paper.

Apparently, in a 2006 interview James Hipwell told the Guardian that "Many of the Daily Mirror’s stories would come from hacking into a celebrity’s voicemail” including the Spice Girls, according to the Huffington Post. He also claims that sometimes they would even delete voicemails to prevent rival newspapers from getting the scoop.

Although Hipwell was fired from the Daily Mirror in 2000 and spent three months in jail for manipulating the stock market, he continues to be involved in the literary world. In 2006, when he gave the interview, he was in the process of writing a book on how tabloid journalists get their information; the methods did, not surprisingly, include phone taps.

Mr. Morgan defended himself with “"I do not believe that any story be published in either title that's ever gained in a unlawful manner, nor have I ever seen anything to suggest that."



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