Reports in Norway claim that the giant Siemens corporation has banned its staff from flying Ryanair on business trips.

The budget airline has rejected the claim but has organized a meeting with Siemens executives to discuss the issue.

Siemens, the largest electrical engineering company in Europe, is reported to have told staff in Germany not to fly with Ryanair.

The company employs 380,000 staff in 190 countries.

The issue has come to light after recent stories about Ryanair planes making emergency landings in France and Spain.

Siemens Communications Director Caroline Rylander has been quoted on the web as saying that the decision to boycott comes from the head office in Germany.

She said: “It is primarily a decision taken by our employees’ safety in mind, but we also want to send a signal to Ryanair to intervene so that we can again rely on their safety.”

Ryanair’s press office has rejected the claims made in the Scandinavian media but has confirmed a meeting is planned with Siemens executives.

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