A new Irish website, Church Services, will give the Catholic Church in Ireland massive boost in Mass attendee figures as it allows viewers all over the globe to watch Mass in their parish church. Now there's really no excuse for missing out on Mass or a special occasion.

The new site allows parishioners to view a daily Mass from various Churches around the country via their smart phone or laptop. The site also allows the viewer to watch the Mass, in a streamed form, a la YouTube or to download the Mass for later.

Also the site will stream funerals, weddings, baptisms and novenas live on request which means that emigrants won't have to miss any major family and community events in Ireland.

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The site describes its mission on the site. It reads "We believe the family is the basic unit of society and the parish is the basic unit of the Christian society. Our mission is to create an accessible and user friendly service to our customers so they can enjoy all services from anywhere in the world and from all modern devices."

Currently the Catholic Church-funded charity has links to 15 parishes. These include Dublin's Mount Argus, John's Lane and Ballygall Parish Church in Finglas. There's also a link to the Augustinian Priory in Cork City.

Prior of the Augustinian Priory in Washington Street, Cork, Father Pat Morgan is delighted with the new technology. ""[Last monthl] we had 11,500 views from all over the world — 54 different countries…We get tremendous feedback — it really brings people together."

Speaking to the Irish Examiner Danny Bolger, from Church Services TV described the service as a "mini YouTube for each parish".

He said "The Drumcondra- based Redemptoristine Nuns — who are known as the Red Nuns — are an enclosed order and don’t communicate with the outside world. However, there has even been a surge in vocations since they went online TV."


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