The Tilted Kilt pub chain and restaurant featuring scantily clad bar staff in looking to set up shop in Quincy, Massachusetts, much to the dismay of the clergy at local church St. John the Baptist.

The chain has been compared to a Celtic version of Hooters which is famous for showing off their buxom wait staff in very tight clothing

Reverend Richard Cannon of St. John the Baptist Church is speaking out strongly against the arrival of the Tilted Kilt pub and restaurant in the vicinity of the church.

Under Massachusetts law, a business that sells alcohol cannot be licensed within 500 feet of a school or church. Rev. Cannon has said that his church was never notified of the licensing of The Tilted Kilt, which would be located within the 500 feet from St. John the Baptist.

The Tilted Kilt, with several locations across the country, is looking to expand its reach up into Massachusetts. According to their website, the concept behind the pub chain “has its roots deep in the rousing tradition of Scottish, Irish and English Pubs.”

Priding itself as the “best looking sports pub you’ve ever seen,” the pub and eatery says of itself that it is a “celtic-themed sports Pub staffed with beautiful servers in sexy plaid kilts and matching plaid bras.”

Angered by the possibility of the arrival of The Tilted Kilt, Rev. Cannon took to last Sunday’s Church bulletin to address the issue. Rev. Cannon wrote: “It seems that a restaurant chain, “Tilted Kilts” has already been given permission by the city licensing board of Quincy to do business at the site of the former “Outback Restaurant,” just down the Street from the church.

“Tilted Kilts Restaurants” have been described to be similar to “Hooters Restaurants” except that they have a Scottish theme. Establishments such as this are not conducive to good family neighborhoods in St. John’s or any other neighborhood in Quincy. More information will follow.”

Though The Tilted Kilt’s original application with the Quincy licensing board went smoothly, it was sent back when it was received by the ABCC for state approval. Joseph Shea, the Quincy Licensing Board Chairman says, “It appears the applicant in his submission to the city did not notify the church.”

The Tilted Kilt will get another chance with the Licensing Board on August 28.

Check out The Tilted Kilt commercial here, complete with Irish music. What do you think - should it be located down the street from a Church? 

A promotional poster for the Tilted Kilt pubTilted Kilt