The Church of England is set to make history with the appointment of its first female bishop in 2015.

The Church’s General Synod is to vote on an amendment to church law allowing women to serve.

Church leaders believe the motion could be passed in minutes according to a report on the

The report says the Synod is to meet in London next month to discuss the issue of women bishops.

The move has already received royal assent from the Queen.

The Church of England general secretary William Fittall said: “When you have half the human race not eligible even for consideration, at the point at which they do become eligible there are manifestly people who might well have been considered in the past, (and) have already done important and senior jobs in the Church of England and it would be surprising if some were not considered suitable for this responsibility.

“So I would be surprised, personally, if we didn’t have the first announcement in 2015.”

The report adds that Fittall has revealed that bishops have already been invited over the past few months to identify potential female candidates, the same way they have previously done for men.