An Irishman has been arrested in Dublin for stalking the CNN correspondent and news anchor Christiane Amanpour and mounting a sinister hate campaign against the broadcaster.

Irish police made the arrest after they were contacted by the Metropolitan Police in London, according to a report in the Irish Sun.

Amanpour’s legal team contacted English police after after she was bombarded with dozens of emails last year.

The Metropolitan Police discovered that the messages had been sent from computers in Dublin’s inner city and Donegal.

The man was arrested and questioned by detectives in Dublin.

The report says the emails contained threats to harm the British-Iranian journalist.

They also featured rants described as ‘abusive, threatening and very strong.’

And Amanpour was warned to stay away from Ireland.

The Irish Sun reports that the stalker established fake email addresses pretending to be the former global affairs anchor for ABC news in the US.

The hate campaign was rumbled when the stalker sent messages to the Israeli embassy in London.

The man also targeted other prominent journalists and Amanpour’s former colleagues in New York.

A CNN spokesman confirmed: “We’re aware that an investigation is under way in connection to this case and there has been an arrest, but we have no further comment at this time.”

A CNN source added: “Christiane doesn’t know this individual and considers these emails malicious. She has no idea why she has been targeted in this manner.

“The emails sent were abusive, threatening and very strong. The news station will be in a better position to comment if there’s a conviction over this matter.”

A London police source confirmed: “Irish police are now involved in the investigation because the emails were sent from Ireland.

“This individual has sent emails to her but also sent dozens of emails to embassies and leading broadcasters pretending to be her.

“The emails appear to be a classic case of intimidation and harassment against a well-known broadcaster. The man is clearly disturbed and has caused a lot of damage and unnecessary anguish to a completely innocent woman.”

The report adds the suspect was previously quizzed by officers in England for pestering other news presenters.