Maggie Molloy of @CheapIrishHouses is showcasing her Irish house hunting skills in a new television series for RTÉ, and you can apply to be a part of it.

It’s a dream for many both in Ireland and abroad - to own a house in Ireland. Now, Maggie Molloy, the woman behind the viral Instagram account @CheapIrishHouses, is teaming up with RTÉ to make that dream a reality.

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Maggie bought her own house, which has 9 outbuildings and an acre of land, for an incredible €80k. With a monthly mortgage of less than €300 a month, Maggie is paying just €10 a day for her own Irish home.

People just couldn't believe her story, so Maggie started her Instagram account @CheapIrishHouses less than a year ago to help others find similar property bargains. Today she has nearly 30k followers and counting.

In the new series from RTÉ, Maggie will use her house-hunting skills to help buyers own their very own piece of the Irish countryside.

Maggie is looking for buyers located anywhere in the world with open minds who are not afraid of a bit of work. In return, she will reveal the kind of properties people would never have thought were within their reach. Properties oozing with charm, in picturesque locations, with plenty of outdoor space, all at jaw-dropping prices.  

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Maggie told IrishCentral: “The press coverage I’ve gotten over the past couple of months has opened up a lot of opportunities for me to give these forgotten houses some of the attention they deserve. 

What a fun Sunday I had last week! I filmed a little house tour for you all in one of the properties featured on the feed a while ago. The full tour (including the inside of the property) is over on my YouTube channel: I'm going to try put one tour a week up over there, so make sure to subscribe to the channel so you dont miss out!

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“The RTÉ series was one of my favorite ideas of course because it will bring these neglected houses into the sitting rooms of normal families all over Ireland. It would be great to know that someone sitting, watching at home, who is maybe back living with their parents out of necessity, or struggling to pay a high rent in one of our cities, might just go, ‘hey I could do that!’ Or maybe a farming family might think, we have one of those houses down the end of our lane, and we thought it was worth nothing, maybe we could sell it. Wouldn’t that just be super!

“The show will be filming in the new year, with a view to airing in April and we’re hoping to find some brave people who are willing to make the move a little outside their comfort zone, in order to own an Irish home.

"Applicants would need to be available to view houses from January to April for a few days and you don’t need to be living here to put your name in the hat. Irish people working abroad hoping to return home, Irish Americans trying to fulfill a lifelong dream, even people who have no connections whatsoever, but have always wanted to own a home in Ireland -  everyone is welcome to apply!”

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Interested in finding your own bargain home in Ireland? You can apply to be a part of the new RTE series here online. And be sure to check out the @CheapIrishHouses websiteInstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

If you could move to anywhere in Ireland, where would it be? Let us know in the comments!