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Charlie Haughey is coming to the silver screen – and the author behind the project wants Anthony Hopkins to play the disgraced Irish leader.

Movie rights to Kevin O’Connor’s best selling book ‘Sweetie – How Haughey Spent The Money’ have just been snapped up.

O’Connor has already written the screenplay for the dramatic story of the former Irish Prime Minister’s life and promises some new and ‘shocking revelations’ about Haughey’s financial dealings and affairs.

The author has also promised to finally reveal what happened when a ‘riding accident; on the morning of the Budget in April 1970 saw then Finance Minister Haughey miss the presentation of his own Budget in the Irish parliament.

Then Prime Minister Jack Lynch had to step in and deliver a Budget that doubled some taxes and increased the old-age pension.

O’Connor says the film will also explain Haughey’s links with the IRA and how he made money during a multi-million pound deal to obtain new telephone equipment for the Irish State.

The movie also promises to tell the full and intimate story of Haughey’s extra-marital affair with journalist and socialite Terry Keane.

A Dublin based company, 2000AD Productions, has acquired the rights to the screenplay entitled ‘Political Betrayal’ and the original book.

Producer Adrian Devane is to meet the Disney Corporation to discuss funding for the movie.

“This film will open in a rat-infested warehouse in Hamburg dock, where men are loading arms into a ship for the IRA,” said author O’Connor.

“It will conclude in 1999 when two separate tribunals make their findings in relation to Mr Haughey’s financial affairs.

“I would love Anthony Hopkins to play Mr Haughey as he has the same hooded eyes. Brenda Blethyn is the spitting image of Terry Keane and I would love to see her in the role.”

Read more: Viral video as man dances on Prime Minister’s grave - SEE VIDEO

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