A Los Angeles nun involved in a lawsuit against Katy Perry over the sale of a hilltop convent passed away after collapsing during a court appearance.

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was one of the elderly nuns who disputed Katy Perry’s purchase of their convent and surrounding eight acres of land in trendy LA neighborhood, Los Feliz.

Sr Holzman was in court for a post-judgment hearing when she died. Moments before, she was interviewed by KTTV news station, where she publicly urged “Katy Perry, please stop.”

The years-long dispute involved Holzman (below) and five of her fellow nuns (The Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary) who sold their large convent in 2015 to entrepreneur and hotelier Dana Hollister for $10 million, bypassing approval from Archbishop Jose Gomez.

After the property’s sale, the archdiocese intervened and called Hollister's offer a fraud claiming that the nuns did not have the authority to sell the property.

By this time, Perry had offered $14.5 million for the property as Hollister was already in the process of renovating the convent.

Hollister was sued by the archdiocese, thus sparking months of litigation, international media interest, and shining a spotlight on the conflict between the nuns and archdiocese.

The nuns believed after seeing Katy Perry's "sinful" music videos, she was not an appropriate choice. 

In April 2016, a Superior Court Judge cleared the way for Perry to buy the Roman-style villa estate from the Los Angeles' Catholic archbishop.

At the time, Sr Catherine Rose told Eyewitness News, "We have control of our property, it's ours. The archdiocese is not taking care of us, we've been taking care of ourselves." (The sisters had been gifted the property by a devout Catholic in his will.)

Confirming Sr Catherine’s death, Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez said that the nun had “served the Catholic Church with dedication and love for many years.”

“I was sad to hear the news of her passing and I have offered a Mass for the repose of her soul,” Gomez added.

The full story of the dispute can be followed on standwiththesisters.org