New poll findings indicate a fluctuating sense of national identity in Northern Ireland, particularly among Catholics. Fewer respondents call themselves Northern Irish, which some pollsters suggest could be their response to years of unrest.

In the latest poll, respondents were asked whether the term Northern Irish, Irish or British best described them.

Northern Irish got the support of just 13.3% of the sample, Irish was the chosen identity of 20.5% and British was chosen by 33.4% with 11.9% giving other identities.

Interestingly 11.9% is actually a higher number than the actual immigrant community percentages in Northern Ireland.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, poll there was a notable fall in the number of people giving their identity as Northern Irish 16.9% excluding undecideds) compared to the last census which reached 20.94%. Pollsters suggest the fall in numbers may in part be due to events in the North since March 27, 2011, when the census was taken.

Violence persisted through the summer marching season, and last winter the flag protests occurred, in both cases making unfortunate international headlines.