Casey Anthony’s lawyers plan to dispute a judge’s order that demands Anthony to return to Florida’s Department of Corrections by August 26, as part of her one-year probation.

The lawyers are preparing to argue that the recently acquitted mom of slain two-year-old Caylee Anthony already served her probation for check-fraud while she served time in jail for murder charges.

Her lawyers will fight against that order, but if they lose they will ask the judge if their client can serve her probation in a different state.

Judge Belvin Perry denied a motion from Anthony's attorneys to nullify a previous order that requires her to serve a probation sentence, FOX News Channel reported.

The 25-year-old was convicted of check fraud last year while she was in jail for the charge of Caylee’s murder, but was ultimately found non-guilty on her murder charges on July 5 after a long and grueling trial.

Confusion arose over whether Anthony served her probation period while in jail for murder charges. On August 1, Florida Circuit Judge Stan Strickland changed a probation order and gave Anthony 72 hours to report to an Orlando probation office, reported the NY Post.


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The attorneys filed a motion to “quash, vacate and set aside,” the order the following day saying that the court had no jurisdiction over the case and that if the order was set in place it would violate their client’s civil rights and due process.

Perry, who took over the matter after Strickland removed himself from the case, decided that Anthony must comply to his predecessor’s amended order after he heard the attorney’s arguments last week.

For protection, Anthony fled her home state of Florida and has been in hiding since she was released from jail on July 17. It has been rumored that she is currently living in Ohio where TMZ reportedly spotted her shopping at an Old Navy store.