Upon meeting with producer Al Taylor in an undisclosed location in Palm Springs, CA, the first thing that Anthony said to him was “Where's the check?" , Wesh reports. There was no immediate talk of issues such as privacy, how her daughter Caylee would be portrayed, or how she herself would be shown to the public.

Taylor claimed that he got a call early Tuesday morning from a representative notifying him that if he was interested in meeting with Anthony, he’d have to be at a certain location in only 15 minutes.

Not sure if it was a scam or not, Taylor took the chance and went.

“Sure enough she was there," he said. "She wants that million dollar check," Taylor concluded.

After meeting with Anthony, Taylor says that he may sell the interview overseas to avoid controversy, according to Wesh.com. However, there’s another company that claims to be under negotiation with Anthony for another interview; this time, however, they’ve upped the ante to $5 million.  The company recently tweeted:

"Just received a great call. In contact with defense team and Jose's agent. 5 million offer for CaseyAnthony. Negotiations tomorrow."


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