The British Army’s Irish Guards will present their case at the September County Board meeting today in an effort to gain affiliation for a team within the London GAA.

The Irish Post reports that as of June the Irish Guards’ base has been relocated from Aldershot, 40 miles southwest of London, to Hounslow Cavalry Barracks in west London. "The Micks" will be stationed there for the next three years. 50/50 ??? Lucky to have them.

— Greenfinch9 (@missyB06947457) September 13, 2015
There have been discussions with London GAA about fielding a team in next year’s county championship, league and cup competitions.

Today, their case will be officially put forward at the Irish TV Grounds in Ruislip before the County Board panel and delegates from London GAA clubs.

The matter will be decided in a vote. 

Sources say support is hovering around the 50-50 mark, but a majority vote in favor will be required for the bid to be successful.

If successful, Gardai Eireannach will begin at Junior level.

The GAA’s Rule 21 banning members of the British security forces from playing football and hurling within the Association was abolished at a congress in Dublin nearly 14 years ago.