The Catholic Church has agreed to pay an out of court settlement rumored to be worth more than $300,000, to a woman that was abused by the infamous pedophile Father Brendan Smyth.

Marie McCormack, now a resident of Canada, sued the Catholic primate of Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, the diocese of Kilmore and the Norbertine Order to which Smyth belonged.

The settlement was made without an admission of liability and included apologies by the defendants.

McCormack's High Court action led to release of information that Brady was involved in covering up allegations of sexual abuse against Smyth in the 1970s.

Brady was charged with investigating the allegations of clerical abuse. Brady interviewed two young sex abuse victims and swore them to secrecy at the end of his investigation in the Kilmore diocese.

McCormack currently resides in Canada and according to an RTE report, her marriage and quality of life has being greatly affected by the sexual abuse she received between the ages of 14 and 20.

In a sworn affidavit McCormack accused Brady of failing to notify the police of the sex crimes. McCormack also accused Brady of covering up the crimes by failing to take steps to prevent Smyth from abusing herself and other children despite the fact that he was aware that he was a sex predator.

Brady claims that he did his duty and informed his superiors of his investigation and the allegations of sexual abuse by Smyth.

Brady claimed he was not empowered to inform the police and said that the Norbetine Order was responsible for Smyth after he was stripped of his powers in the Kilmore and other diocese.

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