The trial of New York City’s Cannibal Cop has heard his wife describe how he wanted to tie her up by her feet and her throat and ‘watch the blood rush from my body’.

Former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle is on trial for kidnapping and conspiracy.
His estranged Irish American wife Kathleen Mangan has told the opening day of his trial how she found frightening emails on her computer outlining his plans to tie her up.

Sobbing uncontrollably, she told jurors how she first discovered the man’s sick fetish when she found pictures of naked and bloody women on her computer, some of whom were dead.

The Daily Mail reports that Mangan, the first government witness in the trial, said: “I was supposed to be tied by my feet and throat and they were going to watch the blood rush from my body.”

Mangan told the courthouse how she’d met Valle on a dating website and they married last year, a few months after their daughter was born.

The 27-year-old said: “At the beginning it was all fun and laughter but soon I found him looking at dirty websites late at night.

“It was porn. It was disturbing. S&M. I knew it was popular but this was different.”

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Mangan told the court that she installed spyware to learn more about what her husband was trawling through until four or five in the morning.

She said she shocked when the software came up with the pictures of tortured, sometimes dead, women.

She told the court that she ran away immediately, taking the couple’s daughter to a neighbor’s apartment before getting on the first plane back to her parents’ home in Reno, Nevada.

It was when she looked at her computer again, a few days later, that she discovered what her cop husband was plotting for her.

Former cop Valle also sobbed in the courtroom as he listened to his wife recount the grisly details.

Mangan also recounted other chats she found on her computer, including one where Valle talked about raping her and a friend at the same time to ‘heighten the experience.’

She said another friend’s fate was being cooked in an ‘apparatus.’

Mangan also told defense attorney Julia Gatto that she believed Valle planned to kill her and had refused to speak to his defense team.

She added: “You represent the man who wanted to kill me. No I didn’t want to talk to you.”

Valle is on trial for kidnapping conspiracy after admitting online to thinking about abducting, cooking and devouring young women.

Valle is expected to launch his own personal defense when he takes the stand on Tuesday by saying that his online chats were so offensive and so over-the-top that they couldn’t possibly be for real.

The report says that he is expected to argue that if the countless people who visit fetish chat rooms were real cannibals, then where’s the horrific feeding frenzy?

A conviction on the kidnapping count carries a possible life sentence.

“I’m planning on getting me some girl meat,” he allegedly wrote in one chat room. “It’s this November, for Thanksgiving. ... She’s not a volunteer. She has to be abducted.”

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