A Canadian man has been sentence to three years in prison for the commercial smuggling of an Irish undocumented citizen through an Indian reservation. The Irish person was not named.

US authorities said the alien smugglers used a boat to cross the St.Lawrence River  to  the U.S.

Carl G. Thompson, 44, from Cornwall, Ontario admitted to his role in taking an Irish citizen from Canada via the St Lawrence River and by road to the Regis Mohawk reservation and  Massena in New York State.

Thompson pleaded guilty in court before U.S. District Judge Glenn T. Suddaby in Syracuse.

He was charged with “bringing illegal aliens into the United States” according to the Watertown Daily Times.

 Homeland Security and local police authorities headed the investigation, which led to the arrest.

Two other defendants Dennis Jocko and Nathan Sampson Martin have failed to appear for their pretrial hearing.

The St Lawrence River: A Canadian man has been sentenced to three years in prison for aiding in smuggling an Irish undocumented person across the river into the U.S.