Thousands of candles were lit across the world on Sunday night, in support of the “Save Lenox” campaign, to show support of the Belfast dog, who is due to face euthanasia, due to the way he looks.

In Brighton supporters held a candlelit vigil on Sunday and messages of support were posted on the group’s Facebook wall “One Million Lights for Lennox”.

“We lit a candle for Lennox here in Germany!,” said one supporter.

“Goodmorning from melbourne , thinking of you Lennox,”said another.

In California, one supporter wrote: “Candles burning for you Lennox! From Fresno, CA, stay strong, beautiful boy!”

While Texas also showed it’s support:” Houston, Texas ~ we are burning candles for you Lennox! We are definitely saying many prayers as well.”

The dog’s owner, Caroline Barnes has been left heartbroken since her six-year-old pet was seized. A drawn out court battle to release the dog, ended last week when a court dismissed the appeal to spare the pets life.
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Lennox was originally picked up by a Belfast Cit Council dog warden on May 19, 2010. When officers called to the home of Barnes to check the dog licence, it was noted to be acting aggressively. As a result it was assumed the dog was a pit bull, a breed of dog which is banned in Northern Ireland. However the owners maintain he is an American Bull dog Labrador cross.

The dog remains in a secret hiding place, for fears he may be kidnapped and has been ordered to be put to death by lethal injection on October 14.

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