A campaign to save the Irish Post newspaper in Britain is underway. Last month the newspaper, owned by Thomas Crosbie Holdings announced it was going into liquidation.

Based in London the newspaper has brought Irish news to the ex-pat community for the past 41-years. Last night a public meeting was held at the Commons to discuss possible alternatives to ceasing publication.

The event was hosted by the all-party parliamentary group on the Irish in Britain, chaired by Labour MP Chris Ruane. Several of the Post’s ten staff spoke.
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MP Chris Ruane had already sponsored an earlier motion which was supported by Mark Durkan, Paul Flynn, Greg Mulholland, Paul Murphy and Robert Walter, the Guardian blogger Greenslade reports.

The motion expresses its: "concern at the sudden decision of the Cork-based Thomas Crosbie Holdings to close the longest running, largest circulation community weekly newspaper for the Irish in the UK." It described the ex-pat newspaper as a central pillar of the Irish community.

Campaign to save the Irish Post newspaper begins in British parliament