Close to 300 people have already signed up to a newly-established Facebook page calling for Martin Sheen, the Hollywood actor, to run for president of Ireland. That election is due at the end of October.

With the withdrawal of front runner Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne, the Sheen candidacy is getting a further push from backers who believe he has a shot in an undistinguished field.

Martin Sheen, his adopted stage name, is an Irish citizen through his mother, Mary Ann Phelan. She was born in Borrisokane, County Tipperary in 1903 and later married Francisco Estevez, Sheen’s father. She passed away in 1981.

The 70-year-old played the fictional President Bartlett on the long-running series the West Wing. He has been described as the best actor never to get an Oscar.

The race for Irish president has seen a plethora of candidates enter the race with the status of favorite changing seemingly by the week.

The job is mainly a ceremonial one and is for a seven year term.


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Sheen would certainly have instant name recognition in Ireland. He attended University College Galway for a semester and recently filmed another movie there. He is a very frequent visitor to the country as well.

Of course, speculation would also mount as to whether Sheen’s wayward son Charlie might hit the campaign trail for him if he did declare. It would certainly liven up a dull race to date!

You can check out the facebook site here