Just weeks after tragic, eight-year-old, Irish girl Amy Byrne died, after a bouncy castle she was playing on was lifted by the wind, 16 people have been injured in Britain and the US in similar accidents. Safety Officers and environmental health departments are now looking into the safety of these novelty contraptions.

Bryne was buried in her First Holy Communion dress after the bouncy castle she was playing on over turned cause her to have a fatal fall.
This weekend in Long Island, New York, the high winds lifted an inflatable bouncy house into the air. It then tumbled end-over-end through a soccer field full of people. Thirteen people were injured during the incident at the Oceanside United Soccer Club on Saturday.
One father told ABC News "It was the craziest thing you ever saw…The next inflatable that two of my kids were in started bouncing and sliding. I tried to catch it, and it just flattened me."
The footage from the incident show parents chasing the down the field trying to stop the run-away inflatable.
Marianna Rhatigan said “I just ran, and by the time I'd gotten there, the other rides were blowing away…Kids were being knocked over, and there were just kids lying everywhere."  
Her daughter was nearly strangled by one of the ropes hanging from the inflatable house.  The girl said “It felt like someone was grabbing my neck and they were dragging me.”
At the White House Hotel  in North Yorkshire, Britain youngsters were thrown from their play equipment after a bouncy castle was swept up by the wind and wrapped around a telephone pole.
According to Metro, a seven-year-old Coby Dakin was flown to hospital for emergency surgery having broken bones. A nine-year-old boy also broke a bone and a seven-year-old girl was taken to hospital with a concussion.
Member of the town council Bill Chatt said: “Our thoughts are with the families of the children who were hurt on Sunday and we hope they all make a full recovery as soon as possible…The council would like to remind operators to ensure the safe use of inflatables such as bouncy castles.
“The Health and Safety Executive has previously issued guidance on the safe use and operation of this type of play equipment, which includes a section on their use during periods of high winds….Operators of this type of equipment have a clear responsibility to ensure it is being used in a safe manner.”