The group who are raising funds, and building awareness, for the next Irish aid ship, to travel with the flotilla to the Gaza Strip, are calling for support.
The Irish Ship to Gaza Campaign is looking for help in equipping the aid vessel which will just another 15 ships from around the world in trying to break the Gaza blockade.
Earlier this year, in March, the first Freedom Flotilla made international headlines when it was attacked by Israeli security forces. Nine human rights activists on board the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara were killed.
Michele Garrett and John Mallon, Belfast fundraisers, told Belfast Media that it was “vitally important” for people to give their support.
Mallon said “We are calling on all political parties, community groups, youth groups, student bodies, everyone, to do what they can for this aid ship…We’re aware that in the current financial times money is tight for everyone, but every donation towards the aid ship will help, from 50p to £50.  Whether you want to hold a cake sale or a sponsored walk, every effort will be very welcome and vitally important to the people of Gaza.”
The plan is that 25 people including two Irish politicians and two from Northern Ireland will travel on the ship.
“We’re appealing now for people to come forward and help.  Anyone with a interest in helping the people of Gaza needs to be a part of it,” said Garrett.
“1.5million people in Gaza have effectively been imprisoned by the Israeli blockade with essential medical aid and supplies being prevented from getting through to the people that need it.  For example, parts to repair special Breast Cancer screening units in Gaza are being blocked from coming in.”
Visit for information on how to support the cause.