Bankrupt billionaire Sean Quinn has been released from prison again after serving nine weeks for contempt of court.

Once Ireland’s richest man, Quinn was sentenced in his ongoing row with the former Anglo Irish Bank.

The bust businessman left the Mountjoy Prison training unit in Dublin shortly before 9am on Thursday morning.

The 66-year-old Fermanagh native was jailed in November.

The Irish Times reports that a High Court judge ruled that his contempt of court orders, restraining stripping of multimillion assets from his family’s international property group, was so serious and outrageous that she must jail him.

As she sentenced Quinn, Justice Elizabeth Dunne said: “In my view, he has only himself to blame.”

The Quinn family are currently involved in a $4billion legal battle with the former Anglo Irish Bank. The family dispute the figure.

Quinn’s son Sean Jnr also served a three month sentence at the Mountjoy Prison training unit for contempt of court orders.

His nephew Peter Darragh Quinn received the same sentence but fled the jurisdiction and has not returned.

Sean Quinn Snr was allowed home for three days over Christmas on compassionate grounds.

He was also able to attend the christening of his granddaughter on St Stephen’s Day before returning to Mountjoy.

On his return, family friend Fr Gerry Comiskey said: “He’s not a bit worried, he knows it’s almost over. He’s extremely grateful to everyone for their support.”

Fr Comiskey added: “He has been able to spend a lot of time in prison reading and reflecting. Getting all the letters has strengthened his resolve.”