National Geographic named Bundoran one of the world’s best surf towns, ranking it amongst Hanalei on Kauai, Encinitas in Southern California, and the Bukit Peninsula in Bali.

Ireland “should be on the bucket list of every surfer,” National Geographic wrote. “And Bundoran should be the start of any surfing adventure on the Emerald Isle.”

Surfers call Ireland “Europe’s cold-water Indonesia,” according to National Geographic.

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The beaches and reefs around Bundoran catch almost all swells passing through the Northern Atlantic, according to National Geographic, which also noted that Bundoran’s varied coastline provides variety for surfers at different ability levels.

Although the primary beach is Tullan Strand, National Geographic recommends asking local surfers to get the beta on other interesting options.

How to find these local surfers? Buy them a round at The Bridge Bar, National Geographic recommends.