A Limerick woman was caught with bullets in her handbag, supposedly on her way to commit her second murder within a month, in a move that The Herald believes “holds the key to smashing the Continuity IRA terror organisation.”  The woman, who’s been in custody since Thursday, admitted to murdering David Darcy of Ballyfermot last month.

Gardai believe that the Limerick woman was on her way to murder a neighbor of David Darcy when she was intercepted by authorities. She is currently being held along with three others while Gardai attempt to “keep a lid” on information on what is considered as “the most dangerous feud to emerge in years.”

“If this goes to plan, Gardai will be able to destroy the entire CIRA network in the country,” a source told The Herald. This “most dangerous feud” that the Gardai are working to end was incited in June when Continuity IRA member Liam Kenny was shot dead at his Clondalkin home.

Blamed for CIRA member Liam Kenny’s murder is a Ballyfermot crime-lord who operates an illegal cigarette trade business, which has made him millions of euros.

Last week, a bomb was placed outside of the unnamed Ballyfermot crime-lord’s home, though it never detonated due to what The Herald describes as adverse weather conditions. It’s believed that the crime-lord both discovered and discarded of the bomb himself.
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“This is a very serious situation – the levels of hatred here are quite astonishing,” said one source to The Herald. “The CIRA have declared war on the Ballyfermot man – they accuse him of being a drug dealer. They shot David Darcy because they say that Darcy is linked to this man.”

The Herald reports that the weapons used to murder David Darcy - a handgun and a shotgun - were located by the Gardai.

Alongside the Limerick woman in custody is her boyfriend, a 44-year-old senior CIRA figure from Mulhuddart in west Dublin, said The Herald. He’s served a four year sentence for membership of the dissident republican group. Also in custody is another man from Mulhuddart who is believed to have provided “logistical support” for the murder of David Darcy.