A brutal rapist in Philadelphia who claimed to be Irish has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman twice at knifepoint, according to court documents.

Samuel J McKeown forced his victim to smoke a marijuana blunt with him and spoke about “his Irish roots, saying Irish men could be trusted” the affidavit states.

McKeown (25), who denies the attack, was identified by the victim from a police photo array. According to Detective William J Henderson, the victim became visibly upset when she saw his photograph.

The attack took place in the victim’s home on West MacDade Boulevard, early Saturday morning, according to the Delaware County News Network.

The court heard that the victim woke to the sound of someone at her bedroom window at midnight. She saw her attacker at the window, located directly next to her bed. He pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her if she screamed or tried to contact anyone.

She tried unsuccessfully to wrestle with the man. The attacker raped her twice.

He continued to threaten her saying, “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you” and “I have connections”.

When interviewed by the police they noticed that McKeown had removed his eyebrow and lip piercings. He admitted that he had sold them to buy marijuana. He also admitted that he had left his knife at his mother’s apartment.

In all, McKeown is charged with rape by forcible compulsion, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and terroristic threat offenses. He is currently in jail in lieu of posting ten percent of the $250,000 bail set. His preliminary arraignment is set for Sunday, 23rd September with Magisterial District Judge Peter Tozer.