Thomas Hayes appeared on RTE’s (the Irish national broadcaster) main weekend chatshow “Saturday night with Miriam” to plead with the public to leave his family in peace.

He said “I have been threatened to be burnt out, numerous threats. At the moment the press, part of the press, have taken photos of my house, big headings, lies told and printed in papers. I went into Baltinglass on the Sunday after this paper was printed and I was jeered at on the street. ‘There’s the brother of Larry Murphy, the rapist.’ My kids, my partner and myself should not have to put up with this.”

Larry Murphy, a rapist and suspected serial killer, will be released from prison next month. He has served 10 years of a 15-year sentence for the kidnapping and rape of a Carlow businessman.

While in jail he refused to undergo any treatment and also refused to cooperate with the police who believe that he is connected to the disappearance of three other women in Ireland during the 1990s. Among them is New Yorker Annie McCarrick along with Jo Jo Dullard and Deirdre Jacobs.

In accordance with Irish law, Larry Murphy will go free but will not have to make the police aware of his whereabouts until seven days after his release. Thomas Murphy, his brother, has already made it clear to the press that he will not be harboring his brother.
 “I want to make it clear to the local people that Larry will not be living with me and my partner Helen and my kids,” Thomas said again on national television over the weekend. 

Thomas admitted that he also believes that his brother was involved in the disappearance of the three other Irish women in Wicklow during the 1990s.

He said “There’s nobody gone missing (since) and I find it difficult now to believe that he wasn’t involved. I can’t put my hand on my heart and say he didn’t do it or that he did do it.”

His appearance on the chat show with his wife and children brought home what kind of affect this horrific situation was having on his extended family.

He also recounted the day that Larry was arrested in the familial home in Bennekerry. He said “Larry’s wife Margaret rang me at 7.30am that morning in a state of shock. She said Larry was after doing something terrible. She told me what he had done. At 11am I had to go break the news to my parents. There was pure shock and disbelief but I was the only one who could do it. Nobody else knew.”