Brooklyn's legendary Irish American DA Charles Hynes has found himself accused of tampering with evidence that wrongly convicted an innocent man this week.

According to the New York Post, a city defense lawyer is claiming Hynes' office coached a witness to implicate his client in an armed robbery and tampered with evidence in prosecuting the case.

Attorney Mark Bederow made the dramatic accusation in a 10-page letter sent to the case's lead prosecutor, copied to Hynes and submitted to Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Mondo and the court clerk.

Hynes, who is up for re-election next year, is also reportedly dealing with another suit alleging his office manipulated evidence in convicting an innocent man of murder in 1995.

In the letter, Bederow demands that Hynes drop charges against Ronald Bozeman, 65, facing life in jail for a robbery outside an HSBC bank in Downtown Brooklyn last year. During the holdup two grocery workers were reportedly forced into their SUV at gunpoint and robbed of the $9,000 they had just withdrawn.

'This prosecution has been a fiasco,' Bederow wrote to Assistant DA Sabeeha Madni. 'The DA had knowledge that prosecution against Bozeman was unwarranted.'

Bozeman, who previously served 12 years for robbery, became a suspect in the case after his DNA was found on a white cloth in a zippered blue bag the two bandits left behind in the SUV.

But a prosecutor mistakenly said Bozeman's DNA was found on a 'white cloth bag,' Bederow states. A victim later testified he saw a 'white cloth bag,' and Bederow claims the sworn statement shows the witness was coached.

Bederow continued that the DA's Office 'knowingly elicited contradictory identification testimony from the same two key witnesses before two separate grand juries.'

Neither man was the gunman, Bederow continues, claiming that Johnson was an accomplice and that another man, Edicy 'Slim' Reedy, had the weapon.

Reedy owned the phone, his DNA was on the bag and he matched witness descriptions of the gunman, the lawyer wrote. Reedy was arrested, but never put in a police lineup, and the DA declined to prosecute, stating two people were already arrested and charged, a court document reportedly shows.

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