Marks & Spencer (M&S), the British retail giant, has apologized to an unnamed woman who was “humiliated” when her Irish passport was not accepted as a valid form of identification at a store outside Belfast, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

She told the Sunday Life, “Marks and Spencer are happy to take money from their Irish customers but won’t recognise their passports, it’s ridiculous.

“I felt completely humiliated and embarrassed to be treated like that just because I’m Irish and not British.”

The woman attempted to apply for a loan at the Sprucefield branch of the store, however, her Irish passport was refused.

The retailers offered the woman flowers and a £150 voucher, as well as apologizing. She declined their offer.

A spokesperson for M&S said, “We will ensure there are no future issues with loan applications from Irish passport holders.”

Irish government reveal a new Irish passport that has been redesigned with extra security features.Google Images