The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has warned that the UK could experience a huge influx of Irish job-seekers if Ireland's economic issues continue.

His comments come, after he promised last week that Britain would give Ireland £10billion in direct loans and guarantees via the International Monetary Fund and the EU. Something for which he has been heavily criticized over.

“We have to ask the question: what would the consequence be for Britain if the Irish economy failed?

“An enormous migration takes place between Britain and Ireland. If the Irish economy collapsed, that would have a huge impact on Irish people coming to the UK for work,” he warned.

The Conservative leader that it was the countries own interest to ensure the Irish economy regained stability.

“We are talking about loans here, rather than giving money away. It is loans to help Ireland through its situation and loans that rank very highly as levels of debts and loans that you would fully expect to have paid back. This is in Britain’s own interest that the Irish economy is stable, secure and growing. The alternative of a collapsing Irish economy would have very bad consequences.”

He concluded that there was a great connection between Britain and Ireland which implored his Government to help out.

“So for all these reasons, there is a great connection between Britain and Ireland – and that’s why it’s right we should stand ready to help the Irish economy.”