The Federation of Irish Societies (FIS), a charitable company that draws together Irish clubs and societies in Britain, is calling on the Constitutional Convention meeting in Dublin today to back their demand for the Irish in Britain to get a vote in Irish elections and referenda.

According to, Chief Executive Jennie McShannon pointed out that the British in Ireland can vote in British elections but not the other way around.

'Diaspora engagement cannot stop short,' she said. 'The Constitution promises to cherish the Irish diaspora but denies citizens abroad the most fundamental right to vote.'

FIS chair Doctor Mary Tilki said: 'We believe the Constitutional Convention has the opportunity to redress a serious shortcoming in the provision for Irish citizens resident overseas to participate in the democratic process. The submission made by the Federation of Irish Societies sets out the case for change and puts forward the basis of an alternative approach.'

The federation is encouraging all interested parties to write their own submissions in support of the topic and then upload them on the Constitutions' website

The next convention plenary will take place this weekend in Dublin.

You can watch the discussions live at

Ireland’s Convention on the Constitution voted in favor of recommending the extension of voting rights in Presidential elections for Irish citizens who are resident outside of the State.Google Images