Former Irish Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has lost his battle with cancer at just 52 years of age.

The Fianna Fail deputy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2009 and his condition had deteriorated in recent weeks.

He died early on Friday morning in his West Dublin home, surrounded by his wife Patricia and their two teenage children.

Son of former Irish Deputy Prime Minister Brian Lenihan, he was first elected as a deputy for the Dublin West constituency in 1996 and served as Finance Minister in the last Fianna Fail government.

Lenihan will be remembered as the Minister who presided over the collapse of the Celtic Tiger and negotiated the bank guarantee scheme and the EU/IMF bail-out.


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Initially thought to be suffering from a hernia, Lenihan was diagnosed with cancer in December 2009 and he publicly confirmed a month later that he has a cancerous growth at the entrance to the pancreas.

Just last September, the former Minister said the cancer had stabilized. “There is no clear or immediate danger,” he said at the time.

After undergoing intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy in June 2010, he said: “My energy levels are much better. I am now in a position to get on with the important decisions that have to be taken in this country. Of course, when you have a cancer you are always at risk.”

Last September, when asked if his condition had improved, he said: “It has improved somewhat but like all cancers it is still there. It hasn’t gone away and it’s a danger. But it’s not an immediate or clear or present danger to me.”

Just last month, Lenihan laughed off rumors of his demise and stated: “I’m still here.”  He was re-admitted to hospital in May


Former Irish Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has lost his battle with cancer at just 52 years of age