The massive cleanup effort in Australia is expected to create thousands of jobs, which will entice countless more Irish men and woman to Oz over the coming year, according to experts.

The visa agency has reported a doubling in the number of enquiries on Australian working visas, with people expressing interest in Queensland, one of the areas most badly affected by the recent flooding.

According to the firm, the volume of required workers has dramatically increased as thousands of laborers and other tradesman are required to rebuild cities and towns.

Manager with VisaFirst, Edwina Shanahan told the Irish Examiner: "We’ve heard reports that approximately 28,000 homes alone will need to be rebuilt. In addition to this, works will have to commence on roads, businesses, schools which means that demand for all construction trades — architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painter-decorators is going to soar.

"Australia has been experiencing a shortage in construction trade professionals for many years and this shortage has now been exacerbated by recent developments. We are predicting the creation of approximately 10,000 new jobs as a result of this natural disaster. This will present hundreds of Irish men and women with much needed job opportunities abroad and many will enter in on the prioritized employer sponsored visa and working holiday visa.

"Many business contractors with successful business careers are also contacting us for businesses owner visas to set up business in Australia and they are already pricing jobs and winning contracts in Australia while waiting on the business visa to be processed."

Last year more than 22,500 Australian visas were issues to Irish citizens.

Meanwhile a new survey has shown that up to 63 percent of recent Irish graduates and experienced professionals are considering emigrating in order to find employment.

An online survey commissioned by Innovo Training & Development found that the majority of people are contemplating a move to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.