The Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen has said he has no plans to step down after the upcoming budget.

Mr Cowen was speaking in response to comments made by one of his Fianna Fail backbenchers who had claimed he would resign before Christmas.

Sean Power, who has openly criticized his party leader told his local radio station KFM that he understood Mr Cowen would step down after the December 7th budget.

According to Mr Power, a Kildare south TD, many ministers have said to him that Brian Cowen would not lead Fianna Fail into the next General Election which is scheduled for the new year.

When questioned about the claims this morning by Labour Leader, Eamon Gilmore in the Irish Parliament, Mr Cowen insisted he gave no such indication, saying there were democratic processes in his party.

Mr Power told KFM radio that Mr Cowen had failed as the leader of Ireland. He said he has shown very little humanity and has failed to apologize for his leadership.

The Kildare TD added that during the parliamentary party meeting last night, Mr Cowen never indicated he intended to lead his party into the next General Election.

The TD said that the Irish people have had enough of Mr Cowen and that he has failed to lead Ireland as is required.

He said that the majority of Fianna Fail party members do not want Mr Cowen leading them into the next election.