Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Brian Cowen is in even more of a hot mess this week after he has come under fire for making a sexist remark about a female colleague.

Cowen was interrupted by Labour spokesperson on finance Joan Burton during a meeting on Wednesday in the Dail.

When Burton interrupted Cowen he "suggested" to her party leader, Eamon Gilmore that he try "and rein her in now and again."

Gilmore responded with: “Hold on now . . . That is not like the Taoiseach”.

After the heated exchange Cowen said: “Of course, I will apologize for that remark, but is anyone going to apologize when I get up to speak and deputies interrupt me all the time?”

Fine Gael’s Damien English said: “The Taoiseach gets well paid for it. Get over it.”

Cownen isn't hte first leader to get in trouble for such remarks.

In the past former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds once said "that's women for you."

He was heckled from opposition parties because of it.
Burton responded with "women were equal."

“It is a constant feature of Opposition Leaders’ Questions, where there seems to be a facility for two of Deputy Gilmore’s party members to speak,” said Cowen, adding it was not his intent to offend anyone.