Scenes in a São José do Rio Preto, Brazil clothing shop were reminiscent of Ballinrobe, County Mayo's SuperValu supermarket in 2009.

In Brazil, a runaway bull found its way into a clothing store in May 2011. The bull had escaped after a serious accident on the highway closeby. After an hour in the shop the bull escaped by ramming through the window display.

A group of men managed to lasso the bull with ropes as it crashed through the window.

David Nune, the store clerk, told TV Globo that he hid in the bathroom during the bull's visit. "I'm still scared," he said. "That sort of thing never happens."

A similar situation arose in County Mayo back in 2009. The video the bull rampaging through the SuperValu supermarket went viral.

The young Ballinrobe bull had also escaped from its owner, this time on its way to the mart. After scaring some shop customers and giving the farmer quite a chase, the bull eventually got to the mart without having caused too much damage or, miraculously, any injuries. The shop keepers seem a bit rattled, however.


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