Irish burns survivor Emily Savage has been asked to become an Irish ambassador by acid attack victim Katie Piper, who founded a charity to help people live with burns and scars.

The Dublin woman was asked to take part in Piper’s  TV series Katie: My beautiful friends after she wrote to the former model explaining her own experience.

The 25-year-old suffered severe burns as a child when a fire broke out in the holiday home in France where she and her family were staying. Savage became trapped under molten ceiling tiles for several minutes before her dad came to her rescue her at the tender age of seven.

Doctors say she only managed to survive the horrific ordeal as she was so young.
The Dublin woman has been asked by Piper to be the spokeswomen for her Irish leg of the charity.

"I was in London a few days after the program and people came over -- a few hugged me," she said told the The Herald newspaper.

"I wasn't expecting that. I prefer the way it is here -- people let you get on with it."

Savage said she instantly bonded with Piper, a former model.

"We're both quite strong. We respect people who say what they mean," she said.

"It was really weird, I've even met anyone who has facial scars like mine," she said. "I have never talked about it. But then when I met people who had all these operations, reconstruction and counselling and services they have in the UK, it was hard."

The law graduate is planning on competing in the Dublin Mini Marathon to help raise funds for the charity. She has also completed her Master’s degree and an internship in DC.

Emily Savage