Ryan C McMahon, who suffered a fractured vertebrae and two broken arms in the panic that followed the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, was "ecstatic" about the suspects capture on Friday, said her mother.

Ryan’s father John is a native of Ardee, County Louth, and Ryan’s 93-year-old grandmother is expected to come from the Louth town to see her beloved granddaughter.

At the weekend Ryan, fitted with a back brace managed to stand.

“Both arms are broken, the left was a clean fracture, the right was set twice but ultimately needed surgery a plate and screws...Half of Ardee prayed for Ryan thanks to Joan McMahon her 93-year-old granny,” said Ryan’s father John, a  company executive.

Ryan C McMahon (33),who was watching the race near the finish line from a seat high on the viewing stand across the street from the bomb explosions, was not hit by shrapnel but was injured in a fall during the mayhem that occurred as people fled the scene, her mother, Donna B. McMahon, told Masslive.com.

"Her spirits are remarkable," the mother said of her daughter, a marketing and communications manager.

"She is not going to let this stop her. She is starting to get up and walk around with a brace."

McMahon, who lives in Boston, has been at Boston Medical Center since the attack. She cannot walk without a brace and her left arm is in a sling. Her mother said she is suffering from headaches and may have had a concussion. McMahon had to have surgery to repair a serious break in her right wrist. She will need rehabilitation.

From her hospital bed on Friday night, McMahon watched the capture of 19-year-old suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

"She was very, very relieved," said her mother, a nanny for an East Longmeadow family.

"She was ecstatic he was caught. She was very emotional, very happy.

"It was hard for her to comprehend the evil that happened."

McMahon likes to run and hopeful she will recover enough over the next year to compete in next year's marathon.

Meanwhile John McMahon is just relieved his daughter will be well again and that the terrorists were apprehended. “It has  been a very tough week” he said, but there is better news.”

Relieved Donna and John McMahon with their daughter Ryan C in her back brace having sustained injuries during the Boston bombingsHandout